Concrete-Concrete Shear Connector FCC

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Concrete-Concrete Shear Connector FCC


  • Depending on site conditions, the FCC can be anchored, in compliance with the approval, with the Superbond injection mortar FIS SB or the injection mortar FIS EM
  • Also approved for diamond-drilled drill holes in conjunction with the injection mortar FIS EM
  • Economical and easy installation compared to conventional methods with bent iron
  • Variable anchoring depths depending on load requirement
  • Dimensioning of the anchorage possible thanks to building approval
  • Stainless steel design for increased corrosion protection possible


  • The system consists of injection mortar (FIS SB, FIS EM or FIS V) and the concrete-concrete shear connector FCC.
  • The mortar is injected bubble-free from the drill hole base.
  • The mortar adheres the drill hole wall to the shear connector FCC.
  • The shear connector is set manually, by lightly rotating it until it reaches the drill hole base.
  • The tensile and shear forces arising in the joints between the old and new concrete are absorbed by the FCC-H and safely redirected.