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Chemical Fixings


  • The Highbond system FHB II achieves the highest load values in cracked concrete. Thus fewer fixing points and smaller anchor plates are required.
  • The injection mortar FIS HB and the capsules FHB II-P/PF offer the same performance and can be used with the FHB II-A S (short version) or L (long version) anchor rods. Thus, you can select the most economical solution based on requirements.
  • The pre-portioned resin capsule FHB II-P/PF can be used in uncleaned drill holes. This makes it aneconomical and fast solution. In addition it is perfect for single and underwater applications.
  • The special formulation used in the capsule FHB II-PF ensures particularly fast setting.
  • The large cartridge size of the injection mortar FIS HB is ideally suited for serial installation.


  • The FHB II is a bonded anchor with torque-controlled expansion for pre-positioned and push-through installation.
  • The anchor rod can be set either with injection mortar FIS HB or with the capsule FHB II-P / FHB II-PF HIGH SPEED, and is fully bonded in the drill hole.
  • When tightening the hexagon nut, the anchor rod cones are pulled into the mortar shell, which expands against the drill hole wall.
  • The styrene-free vinyl ester mortar fully seals the drill hole.
  • When using the resin capsule, set the anchor rod through rotating and hitting motions with a hammer drill. The RA-SDS setting tool, item no. 62420 is used (see page).